Sackville Concert Band and 9AM Band

About Sackville Concert Band
The Sackville Concert Band and the 9AM Band are comprised 100% of talented volunteers of varying ages and musical experiences. We are professional musicians, retired musicians, local music teachers, and ordinary citizens all brought together by our love for making music. Not only do we play instruments, many of our members write and arrange scores for the band; some of us even sing; others help administratively. We play a challenging assortment of music including classical pieces, movie scores, religious/traditional songs, golden oldies, original compositions/arrangements done by band members, and vocal features.

Our mission statement is to bring talented musicians together to perform quality music in support of local non‑commercial events as well as to foster music education in the community. Membership in the band is free. 
Board of Directors 2017/2018

President - Nina Woulff
Vice President - Rod McNeil
Secretary - Moira McDonald
Treasurer - Jennifer Hamilton
Librarian - Debbie McGuire
9am Band Librarian - Grace Shiels
Past President - Steve Rigden
Principal Conductor - Jim Forde
9AM Band Conductors:
Katelyn Gillis, Danielle Chute
Members at Large:
Bryan Crocker
Peter van der Horden
Erin O'Prey
Jamie Saunders​
Serena Godmaire
Tobias Beale
Cam Anderson
Anne Slayden
Quality music in support of local non-commercial events and fostering music education in the community

Sackville Concert Band members
Principal Conductor - Jim Forde

Melissa Doiron
Bill French
Brenna Harriss
Denise Lefort
Moira McDonald
Rod McNeil*
Kim Sampson

Oboe: Nina Woulff

Serena Godmaire

Joe Cormier
Christopher deRosenroll
David Greenberg*
Heather Mayka
Paul St. Amand
Tony van Gogh
Valerie Wilson 

George Caissie*
Allan Gaskin
Bob Gaudreau
Lucille Humble
​Raef Wilson

*Section Coordinator
Kerri Dorey
Elisabeth Gold
Jennifer Hamilton
Mike Johnston
Sarah Johnston
George Kulik*
Dave McKegney
Erin O’Prey
Steve Rigden

Bass Clarinet:
Stan McDonald

French Horn:
Jenn Purdy
Anne Slayden*

Marion Quinn​

Electric Bass:
Mike Johnson

Alto Saxophone:
Danielle Chute
Debbie McGuire
Tom Rusinak*
Laurie Tarulli

Tenor Saxophone:
Tobias Beale
Diane deRosenroll

Baritone Saxophone:
Bryan Crocker 

Glenn Giles
Grant Kennedy
Doug Myra
Peter van der Horden*
Wayne Warford

Sarah Sprague

Cam Anderson